A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

An student project that takes place in pseudo medieval dungeon and focuses on shooting with bow and arrow.

There is a little warm up level followed by a arena where you fight against endless spawning guards.

You can use 3 different kinds of ammonition and there are currently 2 different enemies. You play as Wolfi and try to find your beloved stone after you got imprisoned. We are thanksfull for your feedback. All of our bugs are features but you can report them anyway if you want to ;)


Movement | w a s d 
Interaction | e
Jump | space
Charge arrow | hold LMB
Shoot arrow | release LMB
Change ammonition | mouse wheel

Our Team:

  • Mathias Schnell | Creative Leader, Level Design
  • Oliver Schweigler | 3D Art, Coding Support
  • Wolfgang Vinatzer | Star, Sounds, Coder
  • Jenny Gebauer | Project Leader, Coder

Textures were made with Substance Painter and some textures from textures.com were used.

Install instructions

Windows: Unzip the file and run the .exe

Mac: We built it for Mac but we can't guarantee that it will run as intended since no one of us owns a Mac.

Linux: in terminal type: chmod +x wolfandstein.x86 then, in the same folder where you have your game data, in your terminal run: ./wolfandstein.x86


Wolfandstein3_Linux.zip 181 MB
Wolfandstein3D_Mac.app.zip 177 MB
Wolfandstein3D_Windows.zip 176 MB


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Pretty Decent Game.  But this game can become something great if this game can improve with story and NPC mechanic should be more polish with thoroughly. Also if this game can have different level of difficulties with different enemies that will be great. Plus precision of the arrow and arrowholder should have focus point that way can have arrow goes in right direction and accurately!!! Keep working hard on the game developer you are doing great bro. I'm proud of you man!! i hope in near future you will be able to make this game amazing and even better!! Wish you good luck!!

Thank you for your feedback. We will further improve the game over the next semester. Your video and your written feedback gave us some good ideas for improvement. We are happy that you played our game :)

hey man no problem love to help!! Really looking forward in near future what  you can do with this game keep up the good work!!

can you zip the file instead of rar otherwise we can't play your game because it doesn't let us access it

Thanks for your feedback. We changed the upload, so now you can download a .zip :)

thanks really apreciated